Thanks to the 2014-2020 rural development program of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and in particular to operation 6.1. Youth package, combined with measures 4.1.1. and 4.1.2.

The corporate project of the settlement has as its purpose the generational change and in this specific case the new settlement of Riccardo Marcuzzi in the agricultural reality previously wholly owned by Buzzinelli Marino and to transform it from a purely viticultural company into a viticulture through the construction of a new cellar, the purchase of new machinery and an improvement of the irrigation system.

The website was created to broaden the audience of possible customers to the web network and to guarantee an institutional page in which to explain initiatives, potential and company products. The website also serves to advertise the financing operation by the European Union through this link and the website symbols highlighted below. The cost of the site operation was € 1,200 + VAT with a 40% loan on the taxable amount.

For further information regarding the financed operation and the economic values, please refer to the link of the 2016 regional BUR:

READ BUR regionale 2016

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